It was late fall when the coyotes came together and lived under the trees on the slope near the pond. Their dens were hidden under downed oaks and excavated burrows of the small animals, and the coyotes looked out on the hillsides and grass plains below where the prey lived, and upon the progress of the great dust columns of the enemy.

 Coyote Journal, The Last Retreat
A novel of survival on the edge of the human world.
by Mike Meyer

    They were each a stranger who had banded together when the enemy’s summer            offensive pushed them from their territories, and for those who had lost them, away       from their true packs.

    All up and down the range on the morning-sun side the land settled and did not rise      again, except at the big creek where there was a low hill. But then it truly settled, and   the enemy had a town across the creek, and the town spread nearly across the         valley to the far mountains. Those mountains rose high and were roundly tiered and were dark at night. It was to them that Coyote gazed, studying their features when the earth trembled from the attack of the mammoth yellow beasts of the enemy and the dust rose over the trees in the south.

Coyote-aka, Rik
Old Dog
Rudy the thief
Kid Sister
Coyote and Mule Attack
Under an Ocean of Earth
Escape from the Beast
Three Bad Coyotes
White Leaf
The Jist
The Pond
Across the Valley
The Two Canyon Place
The Town
Those Party Animals
On the Dam
Hanging Out in Mary's Territory
World of Trouble
Stripped Two Canyon Place
Spirit of the Town
To Die in Fear

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