Under an Ocean of Earth

He felt the den move and was awake. The mother and pups shrieked. It was no mystery what was going on. He saw Toony, half crouched, eyes ablaze. There was no time. The light from the den opening closed just as he heard a sickening thudding and felt the earth below him jar. He leapt to the opening and fought up the shaft through earth. The earth was loose, he had to push on the old earthen walls. He reached the log and pushed himself over. He was digging and swimming, the cool dry dirt in his ears, across his snout, around his head. He was unable to get back to the surface. He swam with all his might, but no surface. He expected the top to be there. He pushed the dirt. Was he rising? He did not think he was getting anywhere. He stopped himself, his lungs had begun to inhale. He was aware of his body moving to breathe. It wouldn’t be much longer before he breathed the earth into his body. He did not know whether he was swimming down or up. He had four or five strokes left. His body convulsed, he clamped his mouth.