Mary's, part 2

“But you’ll like it," Rudy the thief said. "There’s creeks, ‘n good ridges you can see down both sides, no beast, no town, There’s two ranches, a few cows. But the humans don’t do nottin’, never saw any, actually. You guys oughta come over, you’d like it. Your sister’s there.”

“You saw her?"

“Yea. A couple times.”

“Uh oh,” Oblogatta laughed. “What she doin?”

“Bein a lowlife,” Rudy the thief laughed.

Coyote saw the moon again. The clouds had moved on. “More’n one kind of low life.”

“Rudy low enough for a low life!” Oblogatta shouted laughing.

“I didn’t do nuttin. She’s not my type of low life.

“He like ‘m lower!”

“Yea, all raunchy ‘n stuff.”

“She too good for you, Rudy!” Oblogatta laughed heartily. It was a great joke. When he stopped laughing, he said, “Ohh, Rudy the thief! I glad you back.”

“Glad to be back,” Rudy the thief said politely. He lay easily with his paws in front of him. The glow from the town reflected in his eyes.