On the Dam

The din of the coyotes increased. They were mingling in clusters across the crumbling old dam and around the edge of the little pond under the trees. They were eating and drinking and yipping. He heard parts of conversations, though nothing that interested him. He walked back out the wide old dam, green with algae on the sides, and sat with Toony.


“Nuttin, wassup with you?”


Oblogatta came up with a group of older coyotes. They were all drinking and laughing. Oblogatta encouraged the younger ones to drink more pond scum.

“Good for you, Riiiik!” he drawled and laughed.

“Yea .. what was that you said?” another coyote peered at them from a weaving body.

“We drink to fuck, and we fuck to fight!” Oblogatta shouted followed by a big laugh. All the others repeated it then and were laughing. None of the females was around, but Coyote saw a group of them giggling across the pond. They were standing in a tight circle talking and laughing. He wished he could say something to get them panting after him like they did for Oblogatta. He was a little worked up over the idea of them all panting for him. They were young and full of a scent and his imagination was using it all and it was all causing him a distracting anguish.

“Jeez, Rik, look at em.” Toony was in a sweat too watching the females.