Across the Valley

It was hard getting something out of Old Dog, Oblogatta knew. He saw down the valley some clouds were by the peaks in the south. Small looking pointy peaks way across the long valley. It was streaked white and grey across the whole sky down there.

"I wasn’t a pack coyote," Old Dog said. "I had my life hunting the grass hills, I liked it up high. You could see the streams where they met in the valley. I liked seeing them." He nodded. "Black and shiny." His eyes were glassy. "Up there on the highest ridge it was only grass and sunlight and the big sky, whole world out below and the peaks way over there." He pawed his forehead. "And once, to afternoon-sun through the hills, there was the huge golden sea. I saw it a lot after that, the hugeness and brightness of the it." He nodded and looked away because his eyes had welled up.