Two Canyon Place

He saw into the big two canyon place that backed up to the ridge. The edge hills were full of trees, the back ridge the steepest and highest. The hill inside was smaller than the others two on the outside, thick with oak and bay trees that billowed green and were backlit by the sun. Redwood jabbed up where the two creeks curled up the canyons. He watched then and he could see them swaying, the circular motions. It was all so wonderfully beautiful and he couldn’t stop looking and thought it would be the perfect territory. In the space between both the hills at the bottom where they came down and ended there was an old farmhouse and a dozen fruit trees in front. The house was white and old and had moss on the roof. The house and fruit trees joined one hill end to the to the other, part of the canyon. An old man and an old woman moved under the trees and an old dog followed along.