Coyote was with them usually, and the day after they had joked at the pond, in the afternoon, he came over and told them one of the coyotes wanted to go be a dog.

Oblogatta laughed like it was a joke and said, “Ohh, he nuts.”

“Roger said you have to be smart, see the way things are. When things happen, they’re the truth, they’re meant to be.

"What that mean?"

"It's the beast being here. It's a true thing. Roger said it means the coyotes are supposed to go away. Otherwise the beast wouldn’t come. See? It wouldn’t be this way. He says he’s being realistic. If it didn’t happen then we could stay. Roger said we’re gonna die off now. That or we can be dogs. It’s what it means, it’s the way now.

“He said they're changing everything and you could see it was forever because they don’t hesitate. That’s big. They do things like it was meant to be that way. The way he figures, you can tell this mostly because they don't hesitate and they go fast. He said they wouldn’t go fast if they weren’t sure.”

“Who Roger, anyway?” Oblogatta asked.

“He’s over there. He said you could tell the humans don’t need the coyotes and voles, not even air. You can tell because they stay inside. You never see 'em over here do you? They stay in their beasts mostly, and inside the big dens where it’s different. Nothing like here. He doesn’t know what it’s like, but he’s gonna go see. It’s time some did, he said. It’s where they live. He said they’re entertained or something, sealed off like that. They probably have good air inside.”

“You gonna go be a dog, too?” Oblogatta asked Coyote.

“Well, I don’t know. I’ll probably just get killed.”